Hell Flowers

“They Tried to Bury Us but we are Seeds”- this proverb is the root of our photo series.

The narrative of our generation is to bloom against adversity, to be resilient in the face of all odds.

In the world we live in today, now more than ever, where we are confined to do as we are told, how to live, with infinite restrictions.

We are the generation that breaks boundaries.
We will bloom.
We are the rebels.
We are the Hell Flowers.

Editorial published by Pap Magazine and January 2022 Cover Story


Creative Direction and Stylism by Taciturn Obsidian

Photography by Jessica Bascou
Photography by Akaarir Mohamed
Model Marine Cateland
Model Anna Elr
Make up by Victoria Pinto
Hair by Julie Sornin
Set design by Lise Lacou and assistant Sowelu Rouabah Egli


XX_XY _Paris
Angele Lepolard
Shuqian Zhang
Tantric O