If Zodiac signs were Fashion Brands


With currently over 84.2 B views for the hashtag #zodiac on TikTok, without counting the multiple hashtags related to the genre and over 16M just for #zodiacfashion, we are in the age of Astro-Mania. Whether you decide to believe in astrology or not, zodiac signs are the modern cultural birthright, not only on social media, but also showing evidences the subject is highly present in common day banter with references such as justifying people’s actions like “He’s a Scorpio”, “They’re an air sign…” or blame the “Big 3 – Moon, Sun and Ascending sign”. 

However, where is all of this coming from? It is said to be only human nature  to want to search for a sense of belonging and familiarity when all things around us feel absurd. The hyper astro obsession also similar to the nostalgia fashion obsession is just a behavior we currently are witnessing as times are so uncertain to say the least, the zodiac sign assimilation is so comforting because they provide personal connection and tangible sense of security and identification in a period of existential angst.

The zodiac represents an individual’s astrological sign, and fashion designers are also born under their own zodiac sign, but astrology has a way of uniting the collective, this cherishes both the individuality as much as allowing one to identify with the larger community. Fact is, in the search of relating to a larger group, without sacrificing individuality, Astro signs have become New Age communities, and not so different from connecting via a fashion brand or trend, when groups identify to a specific brand  they also express their own individuality and relate themselves within the collective. So if Zodiac signs where Fashion Brands this is what we think they would be:


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 As a dynamic, no fear and avant-garde sign, Aries would be represented by a brand that exudes this confidence and edge, such as Maison Margiela. Aries is often associated with a pioneering, go-getter spirit too, a factor that we feel is very present in the Margiela brand. The leadership and desire to be at the forefront is unconventional but always sharp and why not add some Tabi shoes to that goat aesthetic.


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Taurus, an earth sign, appreciates comfort, aesthetics and consistency, so a luxury brand like Hèrmes , known for its timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship, would suit them well. Taurus individuals value beauty, dependability and reliability. Hèrmes has a long history and is known for its consistent commitment to quality, artisanal techniques and long lasting designs. 


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Geminis are versatile, multifaceted and eclectic, much like the brand: Gucci, known for their rich style and diversity in designs. If this isn’t inspirational enough, Alessandro Michelle, Gucci’s latest Creative Director, sent down the runway for Spring Summer 2023 a collection called “Twinsburg”, where only twin models walked the show to honor, not only, his designs but also his mother who is a twin herself.


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Cancers are romantic, intuitive and have emotional layers and sensitivity, making a brand like Miu Miu, with a delicate but sheer appeal, a good fit for the zodiac sign. Miu Miu often incorporates soft and artistic depth into their designs and has the emotional heritage of being a brand born from the sophisticated Miuccia Prada. The 2023 Lyst Index named Miu Miu “Brand of the Year” an attribute mainly due to the mass search of their emblematic romanticore ballet flats. 


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Leos love attention and luxury, so a brand like Balmain, known for its opulence and bold designs, would resonate well with their solar energy. Leos are often seen as confident, proud, and charismatic individuals. Balmain’s designs exude confidence, with their sharp lines, bold shoulders, strong silhouettes, and eye-catching embellishments. Leo’s appreciation for power dressing and regal aesthetics make Balmain the perfect brand to represent them.


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Virgos appreciate pragmatic and critical attention to detail which would explain why so many great designers are Virgos:  Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Elsa Schiaparelli, Olivier Rousteing, Kim Jones and more. When combining sleek clean cuts, elevated style, poise and functionality we think of the crisp functional and sleek brand Prada.


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Libras seek beauty, aesthetics and harmony, making a brand like Versace tailored to match their dreamy and flirty energy with spice. Libras are ruled by the planet of Venus and so this aesthetic of patrons of love balances well with Libra virtues. Just imagine Aphrodite gracing the runway in Versace herself, effortless, a match made in Heaven.


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Scorpios have a mysterious and mystic personality, similar to a brand like Saint Laurent, which often incorporate dark and provocative elements in their designs. Embracing edgy and daring ensembles and serving intense energy it seems only natural to pair the sleek dark nature of Scorpios with Saint Laurent. Don’t you feel the urge of kissing someone wearing Saint Laurent – Screams danger but also fun? – exactly, Scorpio vibes.


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A well known Sagittarius trait is the love for travel and adventure, say no more, the brand is Louis Vuitton, with decades of sponsoring great pioneers and a strong heritage associated with traveling and enriching fashionable wanderlust, we feel this brand is the perfect Sagittarius match. With daydreaming and optimistic nature, Louis Vuitton Creative directors from Pharrell, to Nicholas Ghesquière to Virgil Abloh have always embedded this fashion-forward freedom feeling in their collections.


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Capricorns are driven and straight to the point, the clean cut nature of this zodiac sign could be associated with several top tier old money aesthetic luxury fashion brands, but the brand we figure resonates best is Chanel, with their classic and timeless style, and fierce ambitious attitude. We know Gabrielle Chanel was born a proud Leo but her thriving nature is giving Capricorn energy envy.


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Aquarians are known for their unapologetic individuality, progressive thinking, and militant social philanthropic nature. The brand that epitomizes this energy most is Vivienne Westwood, often recognized for pushing boundaries, advocating for social matters, challenging unapologetically the norms, and having a punk spirit at heart. There is one word that resonates with both Aquarius and Vivienne Westwood, and it is “Statementcore”.


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Pisces are known for their mystical, idealistic and deeply romantic sensitivity, making a brand like Dior an ideal representation for this dreamy water sign. The enchanting and ethereal allure of Pisces aligns seamlessly with Dior’s creations, which frequently have an aesthetic defined by structured silhouettes and delicate fabrics. Christian Dior allied with the famous medium Madame Delahaye, in order to advise him always with tarot cards before every fashion show, an esoteric ritual surely any intuitive Pisces would love.

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Author Tanny Onsalo

 As Creative director, fashion forecaster and style consultant, Tanny has worked for the magazine Vogue as Global Editorial Expert and led multiple global tentpole editorials. She directed the fashion forecasting of trends for Vestiaire Collective, spearheading the Fashion Journal, Newsroom and annual fashion data reports. Fluent in the language of ideas, the fundamentals of her narrative are creativity, storytelling and global cool hunting.