Stellar Style: Fashion designers with your Star Sign

Have you ever heard the theory that the highest rate of serial killers are from four signs — “Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Scorpio”. We wanted to see at Trouver if we could find the not-so-morbid, zodiac equivalent with the top fashion designer signs. What star signs host the most fashion designer DNA? Just for fun, to understand fashion’s zodiac obsession, or to see which fashion designers share your same astro sign and if you can relate to their style,traits and what they create.


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Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is characterized for having bold and fearless nature, traits mirrored in the groundbreaking designs of  top Aries fashion designers. Embodying the Aries spirit, Gucci Guccio creations boast audacious patterns and daring styles. Vivienne Westwood’s punk-inspired fashion exudes the infamous Aries confidence, while Tommy Hilfiger’s iconic American classics reflect the Aries traits of pride and fraternity. Marc Jacobs’ visionary designs align with Aries’ pioneering spirit, and Demna Gvasalia contributes disruptive fashion that resonates with the sign’s adventurous side.  All these fashion designers embody the Aries spirit with unapologetic originality in the realm of forward-thinking fashion creativity.


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Taurus, the sign known for their enduring and earthy qualities, and love for aesthetics and beauty, finds its reflection in the works of the following Taurus fashion designers. Donatella Versace’s bold and luxurious creations capture the Taurus determination and sensuality, while Jean Paul Gaultier’s avant-garde designs celebrate the sign’s appreciation for artistry and devotion to originality. Valentino Garavani’s timeless and elegant fashion resonates with enduring taste and raining Venus romanticism. Miuccia Prada’s innovative approach aligns with  practical yet stylish sensibility, and Issey Miyake’s groundbreaking designs mirror the sign’s steadfast nature. Taurus and these designers share a common thread of classic and enduring fashion, rooted in a deep appreciation for beauty and romanticism.ent to quality, artisanal techniques and long lasting designs. 


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Gemini, the sign of the twins, is associated with versatility, creativity, and adaptability, traits exemplified by several prominent Gemini fashion designers. Capturing the duality of Gemini we name Alber Elbaz who seamlessly blends innovative designs with classic and contemporary aesthetics. Amina Muaddi’s eclectic and daring shoe designs reflect the sign’s inherent boundary breaking dynamism as does Tory Burch, known for her chic inclusive ready-to-wear fashion, true to Gemini openness, a true quality trait of these air signs. Iris Van Herpen’s avant-garde creations push the shapes of fashion, mirroring the sign’s penchant for change and innovation and Sonia Rykiel’s iconic knitwear and playful designs resonate with Gemini’s youthful spirit. These fashion designers, all Geminis, embrace change and creativity, continually pushing the stereotypes of fashion with their multifaceted approaches.


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Cancer, the sign known for their emotional depth and sensitive nature, is reflected in the creative designs of the following Cancer fashion designers. Vera Wang, renowned for her mastery in bridal and evening wear, encapsulates the Cancerian traits of deep connection, sentimentalism, and love. This romantic aesthetic aligns with Oscar de la Renta’s exquisite gowns and Elie Saab’s luxurious creations, reflecting Cancer’s affinity for delicate beauty. In menswear, Giorgio Armani and Hugo Boss offer elegant, timeless designs, embodying the loyalty characteristic of Cancer signs. Paul Smith seamlessly blends tradition with innovation in casual menswear, echoing Cancer’s versatile nature. Hedi Slimane’s edgy styles and Christopher Kane’s avant-garde fashion capture Cancer’s exploration of the creative realm. Born under the Cancer sign, these designers infuse their creations with profound emotion, care, and a timeless appreciation for life’s finer delicacies.


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Leo, celebrated for regal charisma and unapologetic self-expression, sees their core essence mirrored in the creations of several prominent Leo fashion designers. The fashion pioneer, Gabrielle Coco Chanel, embodies Leo’s traits in her infamous confidence, distinctive style and unapologetic nature to thrive. Resonating with Leo’s love for grandeur we find Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors and Sarah Burton, all known for their iconic vibrant personality and intricate work reflecting Leo’s appreciation for finer details. Not all Leo’s are flamboyant and can also be shy in nature, as we know Yves Saint Laurent, timid but excelling with his revolutionary designs aligned with Leo’s fearless spirit. In the more extravagant style we have Domenico Dolce and Jeremy Scott’s, with whimsical fashion complementing Leo’s vivacious nature and love for all things that catch the sight. These Leo designers project authority, creativity, and an unapologetic flair, commanding attention in the fashion world.


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Virgo, the sign celebrated for their meticulous attention to detail and practical elegance, is mirrored in the designs of several Virgo fashion designers. Starting with Kim Jones, his precise craftsmanship and immaculate silhouettes, honor Virgo’s thorough nature. Designer Olivier Rousteing’s daring yet impeccably structured creations reflect the sign’s pursuit of perfection as does notorious Karl Lagerfeld, known for his iconic designs, capturing Virgo’s dedication to clean cut craftsmanship. Tom Ford’s sharp tailoring and luxurious fabrics align with Virgo’s quest for sophistication and Thomas Burberry’s enduring and classic styles reflect Virgo’s timeless appeal. Elsa Schiaparelli’s surreal and avant-garde fashion resonates with the sign’s unique love of detail and refined taste. A patron trait of Virgo’s is their protective nature, seen clearly with Stella McCartney and  her sustainability consciousness and ethical approach, while Laura Ashley’s charming designs harmonize with the sign’s comforting and nesting traits. These Virgo fashion designers infuse their designs with an unwavering commitment to excellence and an eye for the finest crisp detail.


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Libra, the sign known for their sense of playful and sensual style, and commitment to the just, is beautifully reflected in the designs of several distinguished Libra fashion designers. The legendary Virgil Abloh’s innovative and inclusive fashion designs represents Libra’s quest for balance and justice with a strong figure of speech and representation of minorities. Designer Ralph Lauren, with his timeless and varsity creations, embodies the sign’s appreciation for classic elegance while Donna Karan’s sophisticated and versatile designs resonate with Libra’s love for harmonious and dreamy fashion. These Libra designers lead their fashion with a sense of beauty and a commitment to creating styles that transcend trends, making them universally appealing and harmonious.


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Scorpio, the sign known for their intense passion, sensuality and a penchant for transformation, is vividly manifested in the designs of several renowned Scorpio fashion designers. Let’s start with Mr. Calvin Klein, simple but provocative and minimalist style, it’s giving Scorpio’s nonchalant and unapologetic, effortless sexy nature. If scorpio energy was a man it is no doubt Rick Owens, celebrated for his avant-garde and edgy creations, he mirrors the sign’s transformative mystic and erotic dark energy. For the glamorous and alluring side, we can think of shoe designer Jimmy Choo resonating with Scorpio’s magnetic traits to enchant and seduce with the simplest of traits. On the more extravagant side we nominate Stefano Gabbana, Zac Posen and Roberto Cavalli with bold and opulent creations, love for extravagance and power as Daphne Guinness with her sleek and sharp designs, dramatic gowns and silhouettes capturing Scorpio’s passion for drama and self-expression. These Scorpio fashion designers seduce with an undeniable intensity and a provocative allure that is emblematic of the sign.


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Sagittarius, the sign of boundless enthusiasm and creative expression, is brilliantly seen in the designs of several iconic Saggitarius fashion designers. Pronounced “che” and not “chi” the legendary Gianni Versace’s glamorous, fun and flirty creations embody Sagittarius’ adventurous spirit and being the charismatic life of the party. Dan and Dean Caten’s twins, known for Dsquared2 designs capture the sign’s penchant for pushing boundaries as does Thierry Mugler with his signature avant-garde style and theatrical designs projecting Sagittarius’ love for curious and cheeky experimentation. With the sign’s adventurous and explorative reputation we appoint Alessandro Michele, John Galliano and Manolo Blahnik with their visionary approach to fashion, resonating with their uniqueness and artistic flair. These designers, all born under the sign of Sagittarius, create their fashion with a sense of innovation and an unrelenting desire to break new territories in the world of style.


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Capricorn is the sign known for their disciplined, ambitious and refined nature; these core traits can be found in the artistic expression of several influential Capricorn fashion designers. We start the Capricorn fashion designers with Laureate of the LVMH awards and star child of Provênce, Simon Porte Jacquemus, his youthful and imaginative fashion captures the sign’s determination to make a mark with minimalistic and crisp aesthetics. When we think of Capricorn’s commitment to quality and understated elegance, Designers Alexander Wang, Carolina Herrera and Nina Ricci reflect a style of timeless and clean designs that embody the sign’s enduring sense of class. On the side of innovation, Raf Simons’ avant-garde approach resonates with their meticulous attention to detail. Capricorn’s practical yet stylish sensibility harmonizes with the sign’s enduring love for traditional beauty and evergreen fashion as seen with Diane von Furstenberg’s iconic wrap dresses. These designers, born under Capricorn star sign, tailor their fashion with a sense of timeless elegance, grace and true ambition in the world of style.


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Aquarius: Aquarius, the zodiac’s rebels, celebrated for their innovative, visionary and unconventional approach, bring their unique vibes to fashion through a lineup of several influential Aquarius fashion designers. The pioneer of haute couture, Christian Dior, embodies Aquarius’ forward-thinking spirit and artistic rebellion from Art gallery debut to Haute Couture, Mr. Dior also discovered young Yves Saint Laurent, proving his visionary Aquarius abilities. Today Dior’s current creative maestro, Maria Grazia Chiuri’s designs represent female empowerment capturing her Aquarian spirit of breaking stereotypes and fighting for humanitarian causes. When it comes to eccentricity, Paco Rabbbane gives the finger to fashion norms with unique material dresses, leading the sign’s core quest for unorthodox novelty. Amongst legendary Aquarius designers we find Cristobal Balenciaga’s revolutionary silhouettes reflecting this sign’s love for pushing tradition and Narciso Rodriguez’s minimalist designs with modern vision. These designers, born under Aquarius star sign, envision their fashion with a sense of futurism, daring originality, commitment to change, and enduring influence in the fashion cosmos.


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Pisces, the sign known for their day dreaming, artistic intuition and dash of delulu charm, is vividly reflected in the creations of several legendary Pisces fashion designers. The maestro, Hubert de Givenchy, captures the essence of Pisces with his designs of classic beauty, embracing the sign’s love for eternal elegance. Julien Macdonald red carpet guru and mystical haute couture, echoes Pisces’ fondness for dreamy fantasy beauty, opulence and holistic expression. When we think of youthful spirit, Kenzo Takada paints his fashion canvas with the color of finding happiness. Capturing the Pisces’ imaginative and artistic depth are Azzedine Alaïa and Alexander McQueen’s with their theatrical, ethereal and avant-garde designs. These Pisces-born designers enchant the fashion realm with emotional resonance, and the magical ability to craft styles that stir dreams and emotions.

With so many important qualities that each zodiac sign represents we can certify that each astro sign has very important fashion designers, however per our count and with no specific judgment towards any of the star signs above, we have curated the total number of prominent designers in the zodiac. The sign that seems to host the most fashion designers is the sign of Virgo closely followed by the sign of Cancer. The prevalence of Virgo-born fashion designers may be attributed to the sign’s inherent qualities of meticulous attention to detail, practicality, pragmatic reliability, hardworking nature, and commitment to craftsmanship, all fundamental traits that contribute to their prominence in the fashion industry.

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