Why are we so obsessed with zodiac culture in Fashion?

Whenever I find myself in the midst of a lively gathering, my go-to conversation starter is none other than astrology. It possesses a magical quality, instantly uniting the audience in a cosmic embrace. It’s like casting a spotlight on each person, such as wondering what fashion brand you could be according to your star sign, illuminating their unique essence and magical birthright. Everyone collectively has an opinion on it, and almost everyone loves the instant the spotlight is on them, with you having the ability to make them feel truly seen. Whether you’re a fervent believer or a skeptical bystander, you can’t deny that the zodiac’s influence is sweeping across our culture like a shooting star. As culture and fashion often waltz hand in hand, it’s fascinating to observe how the trends adopted by the masses gradually infiltrate the realm of this creative industry.

Photo for Emilio Pucci AW15

The love for zodiac culture in fashion isn’t just a passing fancy; there’s a lot to it. It’s like a big puzzle with many pieces that make it super interesting to people. First and foremost, the obsession with zodiac-themed fashion stems from the innate human desire for personalization and individuality. Wearing clothing or accessories that reflect their zodiac sign allows individuals to express their unique interests, making them feel more connected to their sense of self. In addition, zodiac symbols and elements also add an intriguing layer of mystique and symbolism to fashion. The influence of social media, particularly platforms like Instagram and TikTok, also cannot be overlooked. Social media increasingly bridges concepts like nostalgia, wellness, and manifestation to zodiac signs which can evoke a sense of nostalgia, comfort, or positivity, all of which are highly appealing emotional experiences. It’s like a warm and fuzzy feeling that lots of people really like.

Yves Saint Laurent Ode to Elsa Schiaparelli Zodiac Collection of 1938

It’s clear that this trend offers a lot more than meets the eye. It’s like a treasure chest that lets people show who they really are, get in touch with their astrological beliefs, and discover clothing and accessories that truly speak to their likes and feelings. In simpler terms, it’s a way for everyone to feel validated in their expression, connect with the stars, and wear things that make them happy and feel like ‘them.’ So, what’s your star sign?

Author Nafiseh Soolari

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